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BALMI Center

Attention Language memory

" A person can Hear  Well and Listen Badly"

  • "A brain-based solution to find balance and efficiency" Audio-psycho Phonology is a discipline created by Dr. A.Tomatis, a specialist in hearing and language disorders.

  • It is a discipline interested un interactions between the clothing-viscalo-cochlear and the physiological operation, motority, language and communication. This model links the hearing  (ear and listening), phonatory (voice and language) and psychic (emotions, behaviors, etc.) processes. Dr. Alfred Tomatis has developed a pedagogy that aims at stimulating the brain through the hearing system to restore listening.

  • A pioneer in the field of neuroscience, the Tomatis method is a natural approach to neurosensory stimulation, which relies on the latest technologies. Its listening programs change music to capture the brain's attention and develop the motor skills, the emotional and cognitive faculties. The principles of audio-psycho-phonology are increasingly recognized and applied to an international scale. Statistics obtained from 530 surveys sent by 30 European Tomatis network centers show that 89.94% of parents whose children made a carrier-phenography-based approach judged it beneficial.

  • The progress observed is about the attention scale, concentration, memory, reading, spelling, writing and motivation. Body integration is improving and energy is better channeled. Finally, the child blooms, in a  more confident and autonomous way.

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A real hearing gymnastics !.......

 The incredible electronic ear The electronic ear makes the standard ear muscles work.

The misinterpreted frequencies are densified, and those that are too strong are softened or even removed. It is a listening gymnastics device, which will filter the sounds and stimulate listening through air conduction (sound conduction through air using headphones) and bone conduction of sound (conduction of sounds through the skull bones).

When the sound has an amplitude of less than a certain level, the low frequencies are amplified when the average and high frequencies are filtered. This is what happens on the canal 1 of the electronic ear

On the other hand, when the amplitude increases just above a certain point, the low frequencies are removed while the rest of the frequency spectrum is amplified. This occurs on channel 2.

In addition to the described sound trigger which occurs on these two parallel channels, the electronic ear contains mechanisms that are able to delay the bone and air conduction of sound. The passage of a canal to another can be delayed on the aerial conduction. This means that the listener will feel the change of a channel to another, first in the bones, and then in the air a few milliseconds later. This would lead to a muscle work of the average ear that will regulate the tympanic tension and favor an optimal listening of sounds and a better perception of the different frequencies by the brain

The ear this way “restructured” will be able to capture the sound information more efficiently and the brain will be able to process the information in a more adapted manner. Currently at least 2,000 centers in the world practice this approach that deals with many difficulties with great success.


For who ?? Why ??

 ● Learning difficulties (dys disorders, dyspraxia, dyslexia ...) delays in school acquisitions or language integration

● Delay of development, language and motor problems (T.E.D. Autism ...)

● Excessive sensitivity (stress, hyperactivity, emotional disorders, lack of confidence or self-retreat)

● Concentration, attention and memorization issues (T.D.A.H)

● Vocal difficulties: Expression and communication, potential to develop or release, accuracy, rhythm or vocal power problems, tiredness

● Resistance to learning a language or integration of the accent,

● poor recovery or coordination, balance, posture, motority.

● A need for psychic and body mastering for self-esteem.

● Dynamization, well-being and awakening during pregnancy and birth preparation 

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"We can close our eyelids, but we can not close our ears »

The 7 fields of application 

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ֹֹ- Integration of foreign Languages

- Language and learning disorders

-Personnal developpement and well-being

- Psychomotors desorders

- Sports and academic performance

- Childbirth preparation

- Invasive development disorders (TED)

VR casque

Integration of foreign languages 

The aim of the Tomatis Method is to give anyone who wants to learn a foreign language the opportunity to truly appropriate their rhythms and sounds by allowing the ear to adapt effectively to them, so they can analyze and reproduce them. This work consists of releasing rhythmic and sonorous habits of one's own language, the latter exerting an often negative action on the language to be learnt. All the frequencies are not perceived with the same sensitivity, there are preferential zones, by language, so-called bandwidths which favor certain sound tracks to the detriment of others. The work also consists of virtual immersion and vocabulary learning.

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 You will hear your voice as you have never heard it before !!!

Forbrain® is a tool for the Tomatis® method. This unique device works with bone conduction and a dynamic filter. It is designed to work on the audio-speaking loop. It can be used in addition to Tomatis® sessions. The audio-speaking loop is the natural process by which any individual assimilates and analyzes the sound information it receives and adjusts the sound information that it emits. It is therefore a permanent seesaw motion between the sound that we emit and the one we perceive. For example: When you speak in a noisy environment, the audio-speaking loop allows us to perfectly adjust our voice in a fraction of a second to cover this surrounding noise.

 The proper functioning of the audio-vocal loop is hearing discrimination, phonological consciousness and the perception of the pace that each must be able to perform and their range exceeds the level of speaking; They are essential to any learning and personal development process.

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The procedure of the method

To achieve effective hearing stimulation, it is important that it is regular.

Listen under the electronic ear Talks'up, is to make the ear workout.

 After a free online test, I will recieve you on appointment for a preliminary test. At the end of this review of about 1h30, a custom listening journey will be offered.

 I am equipped with new Talks'Up portable devices and new programs to help you follow sessions in the consulting room.

 The "Tomatis®" course of listening is organized in 3 or 4 sessions with a 3-to-6-week break

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Preliminary Interview

After the free online testing, you will take a deeper test that allows me to evaluate the listening imbalances responsible for the difficulties you encounter. It's also a time to think about your journey and analyze your request, your needs. At the end of this evaluation, an individualized listening route will be defined.


The passive phase listening session

During the sessions said “passive”, you listen to music with a helmet that transmits the sound through headphones (air conduction) and also by bone vibration (bone conduction). You listen to this program through the revolutionary and latest Talks'UP.

During the sessions .... You are relaxed !!!! You or your child can rest, draw, play, read, play chess, puzzles, work on its strategy, make construction games, paint, relax, do something that gives you joy ....

The virtual reality helmet can be recommended to stimulate visual integration and memorization.

In general, the listening session includes 45-minute sessions.


 The listening sessions active phase

 Is about intense sensory stimulation with innovative and impressive technology: the Forbrain®. You will hear your voice like you never did before!!!! With a stunning precision !! You will talk very quietly at the beginning so that you will hear yourself !!!

 Forbrain® is a qualified device equipped with a dynamic filter. This filter is designed to automatically activate on the attacks of the words on the long vowels. These sounds are indeed fundamental in the construction of language since they determine the pace and prosody of a sentence and allow to decypher its meaning

 In addition, by promoting the bone transmission, Forbrain amplifies the voice as corrected, according to specific parameters of the Tomatis effect, and provides the nerve system with intense sensory stimulation.

We will use the helmet during foreign language courses, during the intervention of a professional FEURTEIN, during a care in a speech therapist, during a singing course, at home or in the cabinet.

To help children and adults develop their potential and go beyond their limits .... The voice is the best tool to achieve this.

 This exercise improves the sustainability of the listening sessions of the passive phase. 



Before the next session, you take a test. This test allows to measure progress.

The results obtained with the Tomatis® method are long lasting.

A normal and harmonious activity of your listening recovery but for some issues, it may be necessary to extend a program. 

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